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What People Say: Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

Head Pain

My jaw never felt this loose.
- Jayme Burns, Law Clerk

The only person who has alleviated my migraines. Every other massage therapist I've been to gave me a migraine the next day.
- Lisa Miller, Finance Manager

Before I had a headache every day. Since I started receiving the massage therapy, I don't have any headaches, and my back doesn't hurt anymore.
- Carolin Rechberg, Artist ·

Cured my dizziness after a team of specialists couldn't help.
- Mike Rost, Publisher

I've been having less headaches. My atlas and axis were frozen, even after seeing a master bodyworker for 3 years. I've been to chiropractors, dentists and osteopaths who did cranial work. Jordan showed me in a mirror that my cranial bones and spine were still misaligned, then made everything more symmetrical. I've seen amazing changes in the structure of my body in a few visits.
- Ron Upton, Songsmith

Neck Pain

When I walked in, I couldn't turn my neck, and now I can. There are very few practitioners where you walk in with a problem, and you walk out without it.
- Emily Hahn, Administrative Assistant

I've had neck pain on and off for 12 years. It felt much better after the 2nd session.
- Cindy Hodges, Art Teacher

My neck is way better now than before I first came to you.
- Jen Jackson, Community Organizer ·

I had 2 herniated discs in my neck. It hurt. Doctors insisted that I needed to have 3 of my vertebrae fused. Now, my neck is fantastic.
- Ray Konopka, Plant Engineer, Photographer

My neck mobility is amazing. I've tried a lot of things. This is the only program that's worked well enough to stay with it.
- Michael Robinson, Writer, Musician

Shoulder Pain

It took 3 years of Tai Chi to get my shoulders to move. You did it in 3 sessions.
- Liz Cutler, Consultant

That took a huge load off my shoulders.
- Vanessa Kuemmerle, Landscape Designer ·

My shoulder and my spirits are improving daily. You are a wonderfully healing force in my life.
- Jason Lucero, Playwright, University Instructor ·

Hand, Wrist & Arm Pain

My wrists and forearms hurt so much before, I had trouble working 15 hours a week. Now I can work full-time.
- Deana Morgan, Web Manager

No numbness in my hands, what did you do? Amazing feeling to not have the numbness, been living with it consistently 3 - 4 weeks, on and off for months. Thank you so much.
- Joe Sampietro, Builder ·

Both my wrists were nearly immobilized by repetitive stress. The pain was unbearable. Jordan’s treatments increased my range of motion, decreased joint pain, and returned feeling to my hands. Now I’m writing better than ever. I highly recommend him.
- Giovanni Singleton, Writer, Editor ·

Back Pain

You made me feel so much better after my last appointment. I couldn't believe how I felt when I woke up the next morning. Thank you.
- Alex Bury, Vegan Chef, Animal Rights Activist ·

Relieved my low back pain and produced major life changes.
- Linda Hall, Craftswoman

My back and my hand are feeling so much better. You are so good.
- Dave Mahoney, Graphic Designer ·

I'm a long-time low back pain sufferer. Chronic stiffness and pain. Resultant damage from two back surgeries. Gave me more mobility and feeling of openness. Freedom from stiffness. I would recommend it to anyone with serious low back issues.
I've done massage and yoga, lots of it. This has been the most effective therapy for my back problems.
- Eric Mason, Legal Investigator ·

Good for body. I thought I was in bad shape, and was troubled by my outlook. Now a healthy back is in sight. Extraordinary knowledge and ability. Relieved my crooked back and aligned my spine. Good to have such a healer in our community!
- Scott Munson, Activist, Tree Planter ·

Jordan has relieved more of my fibromyalgia pain than any other alternative health care practitioner. He's also improved my posture. He's a wealth of information about bodies and health.
- Kathy Park, Pet Sitter · Cat Sitty

Jordan has helped me so much with my lower back and neck. I feel like a new person. Before I couldn't ride my bike for more than 15 - 20 minutes without extreme low back pain. Two weeks ago I went for a 1½ hour bike ride, and I'm using the bike at the gym.
I used to be nervous about my back, wondering whether it would hurt or not, and whether I'd be able to do anything. Now I don't even think about it, because it rarely bothers me.
- Tatiana Ravnik, Teacher

After 30-40 sessions of network chiropractic, some traditional chiropractic, energy work, and other types of bodywork, I still had low back pain. I couldn't work for three months. Just a few sessions with Jordan gave me significant reduction of pain, release of tension, and realignment of my body structure.
- Alan Van Tress, Phone Installer

I've had $1,200 - $1,300 worth of acupuncture and bodywork with people who were really good. This is the first time my back hasn't hurt in months.
- Miriam Weinstein, Activist, Publisher ·

Leg Pain

My leg feels totally different going downstairs.
- Penelope Fetsch, Chiropractor ·

Knee Pain

I really felt an improvement in my knee after 1 session. I've been to other bodyworkers, and it's the first time I've experienced that.
-Melissa Crawford, Software Company Manager

Relieved my knee pain. I wasn't able to really walk, I was going crazy. The ability to continue my regular athletic activities has been a real blessing.
- Christina Dalto, Software Training Manager

Saved me from knee surgery.
- Pamela Michael, Radio Producer

I walked into your office lame. By late morning the day after I was fine, like the incident never happened.
- James Vince, Audio Engineer ·

Ankle Pain

Not many massage therapists are effective. But you were able to improve my ankle problem in one short visit.
- Linda Sae-Jang, Massage Therapist · Linda Sae-Jang gives Sandra Black a massage

Postural Alignment

I've been bothered by an extreme swayback posture as long as I can remember. It's straightened out dramatically.
I can sit, stand, walk and lie down all much more comfortably than before. For the first time in 20 years I sat on a long airplane flight without getting extreme low back pain.
I feel like dancing down the street.
- Camille Nichols, Psychotherapist

I saw immediate posture improvement from just one session. And even my wife noticed the change. I will be scheduling another session shortly.
- Cal Wayman, Employee Benefits Manager


Doctors wanted me to have surgery, or take drugs for my sciatica pain. Jordan has been able to relieve my sciatica, and make consistent progress. My pain has disappeared in a short amount of time. I feel great.
- Gary Lam, Business Development Manager, Cyclist


I had severe scoliosis, chronic neck and shoulder pain, and lower back pain, with occasional spasms of extreme pain which sometimes made walking difficult. Many years of acupuncture and chiropractic with various doctors had been only somewhat helpful.
Now my spine is getting straighter, and I'm feeling better. Jordan has helped me significantly, and I am very thankful. Although I am now over 60, my body feels better than it did at 40.
- Jan Carlson, Psychotherapist ·

I have had lower back pain from scoliosis for 14 years. My posture and alignment have improved dramatically thanks to Jordan. His massage therapy has significantly decreased the pain. I enthusiastically recommend him for help with scoliosis. He has done wonders for me and my back
- Marlie Lieberman, Student


My knee pain was 70% better the day after the first session, 90% better within the week afterwards.
- Lucretia Ausse, Finance Manager, Runner, Fitness Buff

The arch in my foot was so knotted, I was sure that I had torn something. I came in limping, and went out saying I'm ready to go for a run. I was back running the next day.
In 20 years of swimming and running marathons I've tried a lot of therapies to combat injuries. Jordan's massage therapy has eliminated the need for chiropractic, acupuncture, rolfing, physical therapy, orthopedics, etc.
The first session improved my body alignment. My pain began to subside immediately. He listens, looks, finds the real source of the problem, and fixes it.
- Diane Una Dove, Art Teacher, former All-American swimmer, Boston Marathon finisher

Jordan has the best hands and knowledge of any massage therapist I know of. He is a miracle worker. If you want to totally change your body for the better, have him do a structural realignment on you. The rest of your life will be so much better!
He is very easy to talk to and listens to what you have to say. He shows you in a mirror the results that you're getting. You can feel the difference when you walk out of his office.
He gets results faster than anyone that I have ever gone to. My body has changed so dramatically, that life is fabulous and much more healthy and fun.
- Frank Morrow, Harmony Builders, Mountain Biker, Ultimate Frisbee Champion & Coach ·

Jordan not only solved a hamstring issue I had been struggling with for several years, he identified and then healed a knee pain that I had been carrying around three years after surgery. If you want to actually get better, Jordan is the man to see.
- Matt Ruby, Video Editor ·, Ultimate Frisbee Player, Cyclist

I play Ultimate Frisbee 6 times a week. I wouldn't be playing, at my age, if it wasn't for Jordan. He's definitely extended my Frisbee career.
- Will Squire, Antique Dealer, Ultimate Frisbee Player

After a very hard plyometrics workout with some of the top Ultimate Frisbee players, I thought I couldn't have done that last year, without Jordan's help. It's been a process of changing the underlying structural problems, to the point where I could build on it.
- Charles Stone, Gas Service Representative, Ultimate Frisbee Player

I had a bicycle accident and ongoing hip, back and leg pain. Chiropractic and physical therapy were not helping. After a few sessions with Jordan things began to improve. I am now about 90% better and can do my favorite Sierra hikes and 30-50 mile bike rides.
- Gary Thompson, Retired, Hiker, Bicyclist


More than once, he has put me back together. Limping into his office from dance-related strains and injuries, I walk out with less pain or no pain at all, and better alignment. He identifies and relieves stresses, tensions and postural imbalances. Deep anatomical and mechanical acumen paired with a focused, direct and intelligent touch.
- Sherwood Chen, Dancer ·

Feeling whole again.
- Suzanne Gallo, Dancer, Aerial Dance & Ballet Teacher, House Painter

Strongest hands of any bodyworker I've ever met. I've been to easily 30 different bodyworkers. I've had a slew of different kinds of bodywork. Jordan has the most direct approach to relieving my muscular pain.
- Paige Lawrence, Belly Dancer, Singer ·

Jordan has been working on me for many years. I have been able to recover from a lot of dance, weight lifting and speedskating injuries. Over time he has given my muscles complete relief, and always works with the source of the problem.
His whole-body approach, amazing knowledge of the human body, and the many techniques he uses, make his work stand out in bodywork and the healing arts.
- Yasmen Mehta, Dancer, Choreographer, Speedskater, Pilates & Yoga Trainer

I've been dancing professionally for over 20 years. Jordan's work has been very beneficial to the longevity of my career. For a dozen years I've seen him for basic maintenance, dance-related injuries and car accidents, with great success.
- Kimm E. Ward, Dancer, Teacher


I feel chi (bio-energy) running through my body after you've worked on a part of it. I felt like there were lots of blockages before.
- Susan Falanga, Waitress

I feel energy radiating at the top of my head. Really good feeling. What you did on my back, I felt more later on my head than anywhere else. I feel more presence in my body. I'm feeling my body space.
- Mike Warner, Jewelry Designer ·

Kind Words

Thanks for all the great work you do. I couldn't do what I love so much without you! No-frills massage.
- Tasha Berg, Massage Therapist, 3 time winner SF Bay Guardion Best of the Bay ·, Artist ·

I have had massage from many people in different parts of the world. One of the rare people in the world who is very attentively listening to all three bodies; physical, emotional, energetic. That is why, when he touches the foot, the heart heals.
- Igor Boutenko, Teacher, Nutritionist ·

Most knowledgeable bodyworker anywhere. When I'm in trouble with my body I call Jordan. I have known Jordan since I first moved to the Bay Area in the mid 80's and I have been amazed at how dedicated he is at learning pretty much everything there is to know about bodywork. When you want pain relief from an expert, call Jordan.
- Laura Cooksey, Massage Therapist, Esthetician ·

Deeply intelligent massage. Not just mushing muscles. Clear thinking about the underlying structure of the body. Vigorous, therapeutic, you get better, rather than just feel-good massage.
- Galen Cranz, Professor of Architecture, Alexander Technique Teacher, Author · The Chair: Rethinking Culture, Body, and Design

That felt like it took 5 years off my age.
He really knows bodies and what they need. Helped me get rid of or substantially control lots of aches and pains. Immensely knowledgeable and competent. Works with great care and caring.
Right-on-target application of various bodywork techniques. His suggestions about diet and exercise made a huge difference in pain reduction and mobility.
- Peggy Datz, Teacher

Jordan's superb intuition, combined with his technical knowledge of the body, are a powerful combination. It's not an easy massage, it hurts a bit, but produces life-altering results. I always know I am in excellent hands.
- Diana Greer, Artist, Activist

You must have the strongest hands on earth.
- Roberta Jones, Paralegal · Knitterliness

A real healer.
- Diana Knutson, Architect

Jordan has reduced chronic tension, eliminated aches and pains at joints, improved my posture, and gave me an overall sense of well-being. He is a master of bodywork. He really understands the mechanics of how the body functions.
- Howard Lee, President ·

You're a wizard! I feel better.
- Jeannie McKenzie, Music and Dance Teacher, Performer

You're a miracle worker! My body feels great.
- Jennifer Morris, Industrial Hygienist

You're a genius!
- Kallan Nishimoto, Taiko Drummer, Recording Engineer, Photographer · ·

After each treatment, I can feel the difference in my alignment, and I can even see it in the mirror. Jordan is one of the best healers I know.
Being an acupuncturist myself, I do a lot of things to take care of my health, but there have been a few issues that I couldn't resolve. Finally, Jordan's knowledgeable and skilled work is helping me to unravel these old problems with digestion, spasmed muscles, and posture.
I also enjoy the broad and useful information he shares on diet and awareness. I think the secret behind Jordan's incredible effectiveness is the personal energy and integrity that he cultivates in his own life. Thank you Jordan!
- Unity Nguyen ·

I feel like I've met a healer. Your view scope is very wide.
- Rob Salas, Information Designer

Detailed, precise and lucid; not just another foo-foo massage.
- Adam Seller, Herbalist ·

Excellent, excellent, what can I say. A miracle worker. He has very strong caring hands that will heal.
- Winnie Seto, Computer Support, Vegetarian Activist

My wife said I got more out of 3 hours with Jordan than 6 years of therapy.
- Richard Siegesmund, Educator

It feels great to be in the hands of a master. Jordan has an amazing technique that gives quick results.
- Deborah Stewart, President, Oxygen Research Institute ·

From our first session, I have seen positive changes in my body. For years I have not been completely comfortable lying down on my back without considerable pillow support. Now I am completely comfortable lying down in all positions. I can lie flat on my back in bed without pillows and I enjoy deep sleep almost every night.
I used to walk with a noticeable limp and asymmetry. Most people could easily pass me on the street. After treatment for my posture, I walk with a smooth gait & with much more efficiency. Recently I went cross-country skiing, and for the first time in years I was surprised to find I could descend the steepest hills with confidence, comfort and control.
For years I just could not get enough breath on the bike climbing hills. After bicycle accidents and broken ribs, my rib cage was pretty much immobilized. After your work on my ribs, I notice a more normal expansion of the rib cage. I breathe easier and more deeply and cycling is again a joy.
Playing any instrument, especially Flamenco guitar, requires a relaxed and flexible arm, and hand. After two sessions for work on my arms, I am able to perform things on the guitar with ease that were uncomfortable and somewhat awkward before.
- David Warren, Software Developer, Flamenco Guitarist, Cyclist

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