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Shin Splints: Pain Relief with Massage Therapy

Shin splints is a non-specific term used to describe pain in the leg. (Anatomy: Leg: Part of lower limb between the knee and foot. Thigh: Part of lower limb between the hip and knee.) Some people say shin splints and mean pain in the front of the leg. Some people say shin splints and mean pain in the back of the leg.

What Causes Leg Pain aka Shin Splints?

Leg pain aka shin splints is usually caused by postural distortion. The pelvis is tipped forward (i.e. the top of the pelvis goes forward). This makes the knees straighten too much (hyperextension). The soleus muscles in the back of the legs are placed in a shortened position, causing them to tighten. The pelvic tipping also tends to flatten the arches in the feet, so there's less shock absorption. Shoes with raised heels tip the pelvis forward even more.

Often the pelvis is displaced forward as well. This places the center of gravity too far forward, creates instability, and the toes grip the ground to stabilize. More tight leg muscles.
So before you even begin to run or jump, everything's tense. You go out and exercise, and the increased muscle activity goes over the pain threshold. Massage of the tight, painful areas produces some relief, but the problem returns when you exercise.

Massage Therapy Treatment of Leg Pain aka Shin Splints

I'll correct the postural distortion first, then do some deep massage of the leg muscles, and you can get lasting relief. You'll be able to train and play harder without hurting yourself.

Anti-inflammatory Drugs are Dangerous

NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) are often used to treat shin splints. They cause a lot of harm to the internal organs.

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