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Massage Info

Your First Massage Therapy Session

Your first massage therapy appointment should be 1.5 hour. This includes evaluation and treatment. After that you choose 1.5 hour or 1 hour sessions. Sometimes people from out of town choose 2 hour sessions.

I gather information about your body by listening, looking, and touching. You mark on a body map your pain, tension, injuries and surgeries. You tell me your current body problems and history. I ask you questions, and take notes.

I look at your postural alignment, cranium, spine, breathing, movement, pelvic tilt, leg lengths, foot arches, etc.

I show you in a mirror any misalignments in your posture, cranial bones, spine, etc. I explain what I'm seeing, and how it's causing your pain and tension. Then I apply massage therapy methods to correct the problems.

Sessions may also include pain relief information. You can ask questions about exercise, stretching, ergonomics, etc. I may talk to you about things that cause pain: caffeine, food allergies, msg, aspartame, sucralose, etc.

Massage of quadriceps muscles

What to Wear

Men can wear underwear, or a swimsuit. Women can wear bra and underwear, or a two-piece swimsuit. I need to look at your posture standing, and your leg lengths while lying on the table. You can be covered by a sheet or blanket during the massage. I use a heat-reflective mattress pad on the massage table to keep you warmer, and heater/fan units that circulate warm air to conserve energy.

Before Your Massage Therapy

Don't use caffeine. Don't eat a large meal.

Massage Oil

Not all treatments require oil. If oil is needed, I use organic coconut oil. Coconut oil lubricates very well so I don't have to use much, is easy to wipe off your skin afterwards if you want, doesn't stain clothing, washes out with cold water, feels and smells pleasant. No aromatherapy or scented products are used.

After Your Massage Therapy

Tense areas have restricted circulation (due to contraction of involuntary muscle in the walls of arterioles), so waste products & toxins accumulate in your muscles. Massage causes the muscles to relax, so toxins are flushed from the tissues; this may cause temporary fatigue or soreness. Fatigue or soreness decrease over the course of treatment, as your body becomes less tense.

If you have fatigue after massage, drink large amounts of water. Get some rest. If you have soreness after massage, take vitamin C. Don't take the vitamin C all at once, spread the doses out. Use plain vitamin C tablets. Expensive formulas with added ingredients are a waste of money; tablets cost less than capsules. I keep a jar of vitamin C tablets in my office, so you can take one after a session if you want.

Stay off caffeine.

Cancellation Policy

Please give 24 hours notice to change or cancel. This allows me to offer that time to someone else. If you cancel on short notice, or if you make an appointment and don't show up, please pay for the time you reserved. This is standard practice for appointment-based services. Exceptions are made for emergencies, sudden illness and extraordinary situations.

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