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Here are some sandals and shoes that won't distort your feet. Also links to articles about feet and footwear.



Foot Correction Designed by a podiatrist to restore the natural spreading of the toes.

Feet, Footwear, Gait, Posture

Origin of Bipedalism

Footwear and Culture

Themes of power, sex, and status animate those destructive things that people entrap their innocent feet in. The price for all that image making is often pain. Could we imagine a human culture that appreciates and celebrates the natural body?

Heights of madness, the agony and the ecstasy of the stiletto

Sex, Power and High Heels

The Joy of Shoes | National Geographic

The Political History of Shoes | Resist

Voting With Their Feet | Slate The foot has special meaning in many societies.

Footwear and Sports

Basketball Ankle Injuries

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