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Back Pain: Relief via Massage Therapy

I'm a long-time low-back pain sufferer. Chronic stiffness and pain. Resultant damage from two back surgeries. Gave me more mobility and feeling of openness. Freedom from stiffness. I would recommend it to anyone with serious low back issues. I've done massage and yoga, lots of it. This has been the most effective therapy for my back problems.
- Eric Mason, Legal Investigator

What Causes Back Pain?

Back pain is usually associated with postural distortion: kyphosis, lordosis, and/or scoliosis.
Kyphosis: the upper back is bent forward, and the head is forward and down.
Lordosis: the lower back is deeply curved backward, and the pelvis is tipped forward.
Scoliosis The spine is side-bent and twisted. Back pain can be caused by twists and bends in the spine that create muscle tension. Your spine can straighten.

Distortions in the position of cranial bones can cause back pain.
CranioSacral Therapy aligns the craniosacral system.

Back pain can be caused by tension in the internal organs (viscera).
Visceral Massage relieves knots and adhesions in your gut that create referred back pain.

Back pain can be caused by fixated (stuck) joints in the spine, ribs, and pelvis.
Joint Mobilization eases the tight joints, letting the surrounding muscles relax.

Trigger points can create referred pain (pain felt in other areas). There can be trigger points in the neck, gut, spine, low back ligaments, or elsewhere that can send referred pain to the back. Muscle pain, if it's not referred pain, occurs in the areas where there are the tightest muscles.

People often worry that they have torn or damaged muscles. It's very rare that there are actually muscle tears in the back. If you had a torn muscle, ther would be blood under the skin. I've never seen that in the back. Usually the pain is from tension. When muscle tension is high, the electrical activity in the muscles goes over the pain threshold, and you hurt.
NeuroMuscular Therapy releases trigger points that create pain.

Massage of back muscles

For Back Pain Relief, Treat the Causes of Back Pain

Individualized assessment is the key to effective massage therapy for back pain. Every person is different. People often want deep massage, I can do very deep massage, and it can be helpful. Usually people need more than just deep massage. Doing deep back massage over & over again, while ignoring the causes of your back pain, wastes your money and doesn't help you in the long term.

I look for the causes of your back pain. I have you outline your areas of pain on a body map, ask you questions, look at your postural alignment, look at your alignment lying on the massage table, your cranial bones, pelvic tilt, leg length, etc. This helps me find and fix the causes of your back pain.

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