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Aspartame aka Nutrasweet Causes Pain & Tension

Aspartame use can cause:

Abdominal pain, achiness, back pain, chest tightness, dizziness, eye pain, fibromyalgia, headache, joint pain, leg cramps, loss of equilibrium, migraine, multiple sclerosis, nerve damage, nueralgia, neuritis, numbness and tingling of hands and feet, osteoarthritis, seizures, severe headache, shooting pains in extremities, swallowing pain, tingling, unsteady gait, weakness, more.

Aspartame is also known as:

BienVia, Canderal, Equal, Miwon, NatraSweet, Neotame, Nutrasweet, Spoonfuls, etc.

Aspartame is found in:

Breath mints, chewing gum, diet drinks, electrolyte solutions, fiber supplements, diet foods, teas, medications, vitamins, more.

Aspartame Can Cause Fibromyalgia

Aspartame & MSG (monosodium glutamate) can fibromyalgia.

Aspartame Stimulates Appetite

Aspartame is used as an artificial sweetener in many foods to decrease caloric intake. However, aspartame may stimulate the appetite, leading to overeating, which sabotages the weight control program.
The Lancet, May 10, 1986, p. 1092-1093

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